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UV Torch/Flashlight With 51 LEDS

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395nm Ultraviolet Purple Light Blacklight 51 LED UV Flashlight Torch

If you managed to grab one of our TNH nets than you are going to love this special trick we use to make it work even better!

We've noticed that it doesn't charge that well on cloudy and rainy days, so we came up with the idea to bring the mountain to Mozes, in other words bring the sun's UV-rays to our basketball net.

The science inside this flashlight will boost The Night Hooper Net to another level.

Our glow in the dark nets charge ultra fast with the help of purple and blue UV light. Keep it around if you really want to play beyond dusk.

Just hold it under your net for about 45 seconds, make sure you go round aiming at the net hooks down and up to cover all parts of the net.

Now you're good for another 15-25 minutes of basketball in the dark.

You can use The Night Hooper Net as it is, just know that it can look even 10x more awesome if you use this flashlight or any other UV flashlight or laser you might already have.

We choose this particular UV flashlight torch because it has a broad beam of 51 LEDS that easily covers all areas of our basketball net in a few seconds.

Should your kids not be using it to power up The Night Hooper Net, this UV flashlight can also be used for verifying fake bills, scorpion hunting, spotting urine and dirt stains undetectable by the naked eye.



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