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The Night Hooper Junior Pack

The Night Hooper's Junior Pack

Designed to entertain your little hoopers for countless hours of basketball fun, The Night Hooper's Junior Pack provides all you need to make a kid's dream come true and start hooping at night...

All you need to do is pick the right ball size for your little hooper to benefit from this deal. We recommend size 5 for children between 5 - 8 years old.

TNH Junior Pack Features:

The Night Hooper Ball
    • Orange Full Bright Rubber Basketball - Size 5 or 7
    • Impact Activation - Wake up the basketball by dribbling or tapping 
    • Energy Savings - Turns off when no motion is detected for 60 seconds
    • Durable Materials - Plays and wears like any other quality basketball
    • Batteries Included - Enjoy the benefits from DAY 1
    • Battery replacement tool - Replace batteries for continuous usage
    • Pre-installed LED Light - Lights up the basketball from inside

    The Night Hooper Light

    • DIY installation guide - Easy to follow instructions
    • Shot sensor - Triggers the system to light up
    • Waterproof AA battery box - Powers the system with 4xAA batteries
    • Multicolor LED light strip - Lights up the basketball rim when triggered
    • Low energy consumption
    • Protective tubing - Protects the LED lights from ball impact

    The Night Hooper Net
      • High quality nylon fabric
      • Wear-resistant and durable for long time usage
      • 12-hook heavy duty basketball net
      • Official standard size for indoor & outdoor basketball courts
      • Green luminous effect powered by sun- or direct light

      Benefits of TNH Junior Pack:

      • Save Expenses - get a 20% discount buying these products together
      • Quick Installation - get setup in 15 minutes or less
      • Highlight Essentials - see the hoop, net and the ball in the dark
      • Maximize Hoop Usage - add extra play hours after dark
      • Interactive Entertainment - get rewarded for every made bucket
      • Grateful Appreciation - get praised by your kids or grandchildren

      Ready to be the greatest basketball mom/dad ever?

      Get The Night Hooper's Junior Pack TODAY, and get 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING!