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More Info - The Night Hooper Ball

How to guarantee you get a durable quality performance basketball for long term enjoyment?

If you’re wondering how do we achieve this and you don’t mind us getting into geeky details than...

This is what sophisticated manufacturing at high industry standards will be getting you:


Fun & Entertainment

Fun & Entertainment

Enjoy the many features and benefits this basketball delivers from DAY 1.

Get to see the arch of your shots in the contrast of darkness to perfect your shot release even more, improve your dribble and pass reception skills even when it's dark outside!

High Performance

High Performance

Gain perfect control over the ball while its soft on the hands, make more shots and deliver better passes.

Save yourself the hassle of having to pump up your basketball everytime you want to play, enjoy the perfect bounce for a long time regardless how often you use it.

Save Expenses

Save Expenses:

Save money on replacing your egg-shaped basketball and enjoy a steady dribble of a well winded basketball to keep an excellent round shape for years to come!

Save money on replacing your ball less frequently due to poor wear resistance, and enjoy a long term quality performance of a durable soft touch basketball.

Durable Materials

Motion sensor / shock luminescence:

The motion sensor activates/deactivates the LED light inside the basketball.

You can start to play when you want, and need not to worry about turning the ball on or off to save the battery, it's all automated for your enjoyment, from the moment you pick it up to play, to putting it back down to have a drink!

Pre-installed high quality LED light:

The high quality LED light technology lights up the ball from the inside and provides a special glow effect visible on the exterior of the ball, because we know how dribbling and passing in the dark is difficult when you don't see the basketball.

Why batteries are included:

The included batteries power the LED light inside the ball and we didn’t want to break your excitement of needing to go buy batteries before using the basketball for the first time.

High quality rubber surface:

The sophisticated production process and use of high quality rubber ensures that the rubber cover provides a good soft feeling when handling the ball and has a high level of wear resistance.

Enabling the basketball to be used outdoors while keeping the quality of the surface intact for a long time, and provide great control to eliminate fumbling the ball.

Top Quality PU Leather surface:

The laminated hygroscopic PU (polyurethane) leather surface ensures anti skid and wear resistance, and by creating an improved automatic absorption with the skins humidity it makes the ball more accurate in control and more durable for outdoor usage.

Improved plug cover:

The plug that covers the LED light is made from the same high quality rubber material, while it is soft at the same time it is stronger and tougher than the hard plug and spring which is currently available on the market.

It also reduces the risk of damaging or losing the plug cover.

Tight seaming lines:

The tight seams of the ball are up to industry standards to prevent the glue from opening immediately when playing, making the ball highly abrasion- and wear resistant. If the top cover starts to peel off due to bad seaming, the ball will start to irritate the hands and becomes harder for you to handle.

High degree of nylon yarn winding:

The compact and uniform winding of 2400m of nylon yarn ensures great elasticity and stabilizes the center to preserve a round shape and prevents deformation of the ball.

So you don't have to worry about egging the ball when you happen to sit on it for too long. (sometimes players just do that)

International standard raw rubber bladder:

Maintained at high international standards the raw rubber bladder ensures optimal elasticity and a good air tightness minimizing the possibility of air leakage up to 90 to 180 days.

The basketball retains air efficiently and requires less correction of the air pressure, providing you a great bounce at all times.

Need a durable quality performance basketball for long term enjoyment?

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