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About Our Founding Father

Founder of The Night Hooper"Hello world,
My name is Quincy, an enthusiastic basketball player and father of 3 girls.
In 1999 I played in a Belgium Top Division 1 team as one of the junior subs. I suffered from a double ankle injury with torn ligaments and after hibernating for almost 20 years, I picked up where I left off. Since 2016 I play basketball in a local club and the last season, we won the title!
B&B Bulldogs Champions 2018-19
Ever since I was a child, I’ve had the dream to have a private basketball court. Not that going out to a public court was an issue, but back in the days, my parents insisted we had to be home before dark.
Once I’ve moved with my family to a new house, I began looking around and surfing the web to find out how I could set up a private court. I quickly find out that it was going to be a costly project. One that would be impossible for us to realize, having to pay the mortgage and home improvements.
Last year the basketball season ended early May and the public court was rebuilt into a cage combination for soccer/basketball with an artificial grass surface (a drag to play ball on). This meant that during summer I had no alternative field to prep myself for next season.
But there’s always a silver lining! This unfortunate situation convinced me to persist in my pursuit of having a home court to practice and to look for a way to fund my dream without having to tap into our family income.
Fast forwarding a few months, I learned how to build an e-commerce site and with the marketing knowledge and skills already in my possession, I started a business. It didn't take off as intended though, so I went back to the drawing board. After some long and hard thinking about what I wanted and why my business wasn't working, I realized that it was simply not working because there was no passion, no connection, to what I was selling.
I wanted to offer something of value. Something that I would buy for myself. It had to be fun for me and my kids, and it also had to have a practical purpose: Preparing for basketball season.
TNH was bornThat's when The Night Hooper was born! TNH gives my heart and soul the hope to (ultimately) build my own private basketball court one day. On top, it gets my 3 girls excited about the sport of basketball while spending quality time with their dad.
I hope I will be able to post a picture of our home court in the near future once it's ready!"


Our Mission

The Night Hooper takes great pride in being your go-to guide for the latest and greatest products currently on the market. With us, you'll find the best deals, ever. We offer high-quality products for the greatest value, hassle-free.

We have a dedicated team of customer service representatives that will ensure your entire purchase experience is exceptional. We work around the clock to bring you amazing deals that don't cost an arm and a leg.