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The Most Boring Article About Kobe Bryant Short Movie You'll Ever Read

The Most Boring Article About Kobe Bryant Short Movie You'll Ever Read

Dear Basketball - The Short Film

Kobe Bryant

Dear Basketball fans, I'm very happy that you stopped listening to Sportscenter before the infamous Kobe Bryant Carmel arena interview. I know it was one of the most embarrassing interviews in sports history. I can't blame you though, because you're probably still mad that Kobe got traded to LA and you haven't quite made up your mind whether or not he should've been traded in to a contender. I don't blame you, not because Kobe didn't play his heart out in those two seasons with the Lakers, but because he simply didn't produce at the level that we expected him to. For that reason, I believe there is a new generation of athletes, one that has completely changed the way we look at the athlete's careers, and if you are a fan of this new breed of athletes, I want you to come out and support them.


Dear Basketball lovers: There is a new animated movie starring none other than Kobe Bryant as a character, and he is played by the great Michael Caine. The movie is called Dear Basketball, and it was written and narrated by Kobe Bryant, and directed by Glen Keane. The movie is based on a famous letter Kobe Bryant wrote to The Players' Tribune about his impending retirement from basketball, in November 2020. The movie follows Kobe's career, his run with the Lakers, his feud with Shaq, his playing days, how he was like when he first came into the NBA, and how he is now, basically everything that you would ever want to know about Kobe.


If you love animated movies, especially the ones with great story lines, then you'll love this movie. If you are a basketball fan, then you'll love this movie. If you are a movie buff, then you will enjoy watching this short film, which is based mostly on an animated feature. If you like animated movies, then this one is definitely worth a watch. If you do not care for basketball but still enjoy seeing movies about athletes, then this movie is worth a view.

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