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Attention: How To Lose Time By Not Using The Night Hooper?

Attention: How To Lose Time By Not Using The Night Hooper?

 Why Outdoor Basketball Players Should Not Face Difficulty Playing After The Sun Sets?

Whether you are looking to blow off steam after a busy day...

or want to keep the kids occupied unattended so you can relax...

or just get some undisturbed work done in the evening...

The Night Hooper will grant you PEACE OF MIND and the FREEDOM OF TIME!

For most of us, our days are filled with work, school, homework or housekeeping. It is safe to say there's nothing better than playing your favorite sport to release some tension and clearing your mind after a stressful day.

What's frustrating is by the time you get home it's too dark to shoot hoops so you're limited to weekends, holidays or heading off to the gym.

As a parent we feel guilty not having the ability to entertain our kids responsibly because we are so busy all day and sometimes even need to finish important deadlines after work. 

By the time we round up and finish, it's dark outside and the kids have spend the entire evening behind a screen.

What if I told you, it doesn't have to be that way?


Getting some daily physical activity outdoors is great for:

  • muscles and bones
  • increasing energy levels
  • building up immunity
  • reducing risk of chronic diseases
  • brain health and memory
  • losing weight
  • relaxation and sleep quality
  • feeling happier

Obviously these are all awesome benefits we would want for ourselves and for the overall health of our kids, however the hardest part is finding the time in our busy lives.

For that reason we want you as a basketball player, to have an unfair advantage over the competition by giving you access to more time to train and prepare for next basketball season.

At the same time we want to offer parents a guilt free solution to provide their kids the desired exercise they need so you as basketball mom or dad can relax, get work done without distractions and might even join in for a game and have quality time while growing closer as family.

Let us UNLOCK THE NIGHT for you with our luminous solution that will light up the most important elements in the game of basketball, so that you can see the ball as you dribble, you can see the net and the hoop as you aim to shoot, and as a bonus get rewarded for every bucket you make as if you were in a real life video game!

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